Well! It looks like the next 5th Thursday in the month falls on Thursday 30 July, so Mt Sheridan invite all Toastmasters’ Clubs in the region and guests to come and join us for a fun filled night of being put “ON THE SPOT“.

Yes! We plan to go completely impromptu for the evening. We imagine the way this will transpire is that the Toastmaster of the evening will be chosen on the night and this person will then progressively call upon Toastmaster members to perform the various roles of grammarian, timer, table topics master, evaluator etc. and to provide speeches … so you will not know what role you are doing until you are called to perform it!

Of course, for those of us who are ‘preparation fanatics’ this means we will need to be ‘super’ prepared. For those ‘impromptu freaks’ out there, you no doubt will have a decided advantage. For all of us, it means we will really need to be ‘on our toes’ and treat the evening, as tho’ we could be called upon to do each and every role. Example …. we will all have to evaluate speeches as tho’ we may be called etc.

Of course if you just want to come to observe the ‘mayhem’, please feel free to do so and just let us know at the beginning of the meet.

Look forward to seeing you there!