Tonight Nicky Jurd and Kaj Haffenden were formally acknowledged by their Area Governor, Anne McKinnon and Mt Sheridan members for their exemplary contribution to the Mt Sheridan Club and Toastmasters generally. In presenting the awards, Anne emphasized that being a winner isn’t only about winning competitions, nor  is it only about scoring impressive statistics. Winning and achievement are as much about the process of striving as they are about reaching  the destination. It’s about intention, effort, energy, drive, willingness to push through, persevere and give your best.

Anne elaborated “I want to acknowledge outstanding achievement, and it is not for any one particular thing! It’s not for being outstanding presenters, altho’ both of these people are. It’s not for having outstanding ideas, vision and creativity altho’ these two have that in bucket loads as well. It’s for being outstanding members of this Club and of Toastmasters generally.

Anne credited that the Clubs’ renaissance has largely been due to their incredible contributions which included

     Stoic attendance

    Willingness to volunteer their services far beyond the every day duties of being a member

    Unbridled enthusiasm and dedication to anything ‘Toasties’

    Building the best website of any Toastmaster’s Club

    Being terrific team players and offering to help, train and mentor others

    Opening not only their hearts minds but their kitchen to fellow ‘Toasties’

    Educating us all about how coffee is better than tea, that espresso machines are always a wise investment and that chocolate is ‘bestest’ of everything and

    Their best contribution of all – lots of loud laughing, snorting and chortling whenever the whim takes their fancy!!

Members erupted in applause for the much appreciated pair!