Club Visits

Many members have been donating their time and expertise to the success of other clubs in our division, and this is commendable. Myself, Anne and Kaj are regular visitors at Innisfail club, and strongly encourage anyone who would like to experiment with speaking to a different audience to car pool with us to the next meeting as Craig did at the meeting just gone.

Marlin Coast have been requesting our assistance with contest judging, and we have seen different judging technique, and an array of interesting speeches. Thanks goes to Mark who provided Marlin Coast’s test speech for the evaluation contest.

Townsville Area 2 Conference

Anne and I attended the Area 2 conference last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Their Toastmasters are enthusiastic and very supportive of one another. We saw some great speeches, comedians and new Toastmasters still finding their feet.

The best contest chairman of the conference was undoubtedly our own Anne McKinnon who pulled together a hilarious humourous speech introduction which roused the audience and provide many belly laughs. Notable was her observation that 90% of what Australian’s find funny is not acceptable within a Toastmasters humourous speech contest!

Cairns Area 9 & 32 Conference

Our own conference will be held on 25th October. This is a great opportunity to see fantastic local speakers, and have a go at judging. I have definitely expanded my speaking horizons by attending conferences.

Strong Growth

We are receiving a steady stream of enquiries and visitors to our club, and this represents the hard work the executive have put in to date with marketing avenues such as business cards, website and word of mouth. Our methods are obviously working, as we’re seeing great new people at our meetings.

Going forward I would like to see more organisation of how we receive and treat our guests ongoing with a team of people welcoming and mentoring our guests throughout the meetings.

X Factor

I am proud to report we still have the best club in FNQ. I have now visited many clubs, and am a regular at Kickstart and Innisfail, and a part time pervert at Marlin Coast and Cairns. Our meetings are without a doubt the most fun, satisfying and educational.

Great work, and testament to a strong team effort. Well done everyone.