Now that’s the sort of headline my offspring might well have written during their teenage years. I would find such words etched into their desk tops and doodled across text books. Full of feistiness and attitude, they were also the words that first came to mind after our big day of speech competitions on Sunday.

Last Sunday, the combined area conference for areas 9 and 32 was held at TNQIT in Tropics Restaurant. Over 50 people attended the highly successful event.

In welcoming everyone to the conference, Anne McKinnon, Area 32 Governor, said

“We have themed our day “Unleash the Talent”. It is my belief that we all have ideas and thoughts that are worth sharing with others, some of them deep and meaningful, others playful …. but some of us hold ourselves back in expressing them. Toastmasters provides us with the forum to preen and polish that expression and today this Area Conference gives us the opportunity to step that performance up even further.

 There are no losers on days like these. It’s true that this is a competition so some people will walk away from here with trophies in hand and others may not.

 Anyone who prepares themselves for an event such as this and gives it their all, is already winning in all the stakes that count and that of course in personal growth and development which is what we all signed up for when we joined Toastmasters”.

A the end of the keenly contested competitions, when it came to the trophy haul, Mt Sheridan romped home with Kaj Haffenden winning the Table Topics, Evaluation and International competition and Celia Berrell winning the humorous contest.

An indication of the depth of talent in Mt Sheridan at present was that the Club also took out 2nd place with Rod Sheather in the Evaluation and Humorous competition and with John Lizzio in the International contest … all up a dazzling performance by the young Club!!

Congratulations to all!