Mt Sheridan is regularly and steadily increasing its membership base. Most recently, we are excited to welcome Sam and Linda Marino, Julianne Rose Simon-Abbott, Leisel Pisani and Zoe Wicks on board. We very much look forward to sharing their journey of development!

Last night we were treated to witnessing one of our youngest members, Mark Turner stepping up his speech delivery with a markedly more confident, controlled and bold delivery as he delighted us with his highly entertaining story about UFO’s – unco-ordinated flying organisms! Great job Mark!!

We were also intrigued with Julieanne’s icebreaker speech in which she elucidated her multiple interesting career changes using highly effective props/visual aides.

Mt Sheridan has recently introduced a new item to their agenda to encourage those who do not regularly speak up in meetings to find their voice. Last night the audience were encouraged to choose and speak about an item they had on their person that was indicative of meeting one of their human needs (as outlined by W Glasser – survival, freedom, fun, love and belonging and power or competence). Our 3 guests last night all spoke up and shared something of significance about themselves with us.