Anne McKinnon - Contest-chairman for the Humorous Speech competition

Maggie - graduating from closet to Chair

Area 32 Governor Anne McKinnon was Contest Chairman for the Northern Division humorous speech contest at the Alice Springs Conference on Saturday evening. It is the job of a Humorous Contest Chair not only introduce the contestants but to warm the audience up so they are receptive and ready to laugh. To pull this gig off Anne decided to let her mirror personality, or alter ego, Maggie, out of the closet.

Her introductory speech for the evening’s entertainment positively sizzled!  Her stunning attire paid tribute to the movie “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” (filmed on location around Alice Springs). 

The Alice Springians were teased … “How proud you must all be to come from the place that spawned THAT movie! The movie that gave rise to that iconic, immortal comment, ‘It’s just what this country needs … a croc, in a frock, on a rock'”!

Anne's alter ego Maggie, John McClean (Townsville) & DG. Coral McVean (after she picked her jaw up off the floor)

Maggie, John McClean & Coral McVean

Anne conceded that she took some liberty in adding an ‘rrrr’ but figured that the ‘croc’, being the Toastmasters Northern Division emblem needed a bit more exposure than the male digit and she didn’t think the queens would mind. Her speech was sassy and sharp. 

It was a spectacular start to an evening of memorable entertainment, including World Champion Mark Hunter’s winning speech “A Sink Full of Green Tomatoes”.  (You can read Mark’s speech on his website at

Congratulations Anne – you’ve made your Mount Sheridan Club proud!