Eva, Celia and Christina

Celia Berrell’s speech “Beauty and the Breast” is an intimate analysis of the evolutionary implications of women’s breasts, prompted by her own brush with breast cancer.  It raises the fundamental questions of “Does size matter?”, “Why have we got two of them?” and “How come some of us get hung up about them?”.

Featuring confidences shared by others and current views on human and animal behaviour, this engaging speech provides logical answers in a humorous and friendly context.  If you happen to be comfortable with the perspective of humans and animals sharing biological traits, this speech is a richly informative and entertaining journey.

Celia delivered a polished performance of this humorous speech at the Northern District Conference in Alice Springs this weekend.  Placed third out of a field of 3 speakers highlights issues that often prove highly contentious in Toastmaster’s circles around appropriateness of material and the inevitable subjectivity of the judging process.

“I felt really good about my speech delivery

Toastmasters World Champion Speaker Mark Hunter with Celia Berrell

Toastmasters World Champion Speaker Mark Hunter with Celia Berrell

”, says Celia, “and the audience was supportive and positive.  I’ve never had so much fun losing a contest before!”

Mt Sheridan congratulates Celia on an excellent performance.