Judge Nicky Jurd & Evaluation Contest Winner Kaj Haffenden

We couldn’t have speech competitions without judges.  Mount Sheridan’s President Nicky Jurd attended the Northern Division Conference in Alice Springs this weekend in the capacity of Trainee Judge in all four contests.  Since the Mount Sheridan Club was represented in all competitions (by Kaj Haffenden and Celia Berrell), Nicky’s judging scores could not be included in determining the winners.  However the experience and perspectives she has gained is invaluable.

We are confident that Nicky’s participation will subsequently help raise awareness and standards of this important role, to the benefit of our own judges and competition participants.

Nicky will be accompanying our Evaluation Contest winner Kaj Haffenden to the District 69 Conference at Caloundra in May, where she is giving an Educational Presentation “Attract New Members with a Website”.

Congratulations Nicky and Kaj for continually raising the profile of our Club!  We wish you both every success at Caloundra.