Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes made a debut appearance at the annual Science On The Oval event on Wednesday 19/5/2010.  Hosted by Whitfield state school and James Cook University, hundreds of local primary school students are treated to a fairground feast of scientific activities and demonstrations in the grounds of Whitfield state school.

Dressed as “The Alien Queen of Science Poetry”, replete with stinger suit, lights-whistles-bells and tiara, Celia presented 10 minutes of science poetry every 15 minutes to interested students in the school’s Learning Centre.  This new area boasts a bright green three-tier stadium-style seat called Big Foot, which can accommodate 30 children.  It was the perfect setting.

A roving video photographer captured the day’s activities, including some of the Science Rhymes.  About one hundred children visited the poetry sessions. 

Celia explains that being a member of Toastmasters has been great training for this event.  “I was able to present my poems with confidence and conviction.  And a surprise interview with the roving video photographer was successfully wrapped up in one clean take.  Now that wouldn’t have happened without Table Topics practice!”

The poem receiving the most votes of approval from the audiences was

Do Dolphins Kiss?  by Celia Berrell

The dolphins swimming in the sea

make clicks and squeaks quite frequently.

These sounds move fast through liquid’s layer

compared to noises in the air.

Their clicks and chirps we can’t translate

but that’s how they communicate.

Not all their whistles we can hear.

They’re pitched too high for human ears.

They also sent out sounds to mark

locations of the sharks at dark

by bouncing echoes in the black

and timing when they’re getting back.

Since dolphins have to hold their breath

when swimming in the ocean’s depth

their voices aren’t from air that flows.

Instead they’ve lips inside their nose!

Their happy squeaks and chatty clicks;

those chirpy whistles, pops and hiss

like sounds of children’s playground bliss

are made from just a dolphin’s kiss.