Last Saturday, Rod, Kaj Nicky and Anne assembled at the Millaa Millaa markets to promote the formation of Malanda’s Top Table Toastmasters Club.

We displayed a fantastic hamper as a raffle prize kindly donated by member, Jill Morris of Simply Hampers. Nicky showed her salesmanship, many people bought tickets and the Club made a tidy sum that can go towards educational resources.

Rod Sheather gave his speech Cousin Lionald Takes a Ride much to the amusement of the crowd and Kaj delivered his competition winning international speech in fine form. Brigitte from Malanda organised a side splitting skit of Masterchef.

We met lots of locals, distributed heaps of flyers and even got to meet Councillor Rhonda Sorenson and Mayor Tom Gilmore. We are hoping Rhonda will join the Club and we are definitely going to invite the Mayor along to speak.

All in all it was a very enjoyable morning. Millaa Millaa markets definitely have a different flavour to them. Greeting us at the entrance to the school was a noisy truck load of ducks, chooks etc , we all munched on buffalo pies, Nicky bought heaps of fresh produce and one of the decorations in the school was a welcome sign displayed most prominently on a pottery pig’s arse!!