Continuing from my appearance at Science On The Oval held at Whitfield State School in May (where the Alien Queen of Science Poetry presented Science Rhymes to participating school children) I will be joined by a crack team of students to present some Science Rhymes at the Tropical Writers Festival next month.

The Alien Queen of Science Poetry

Do Dolphins Kiss?, Camel Calamity and Scary Shadows are three of the poems that will be presented from 9am on Sunday 17th October at the Pier Atrium (near Cairns Marina).

It is a great honour to be working with these young students from Whitfield State School and I’m very grateful to the School Principal, Tony Constance and Teacher-Librarian, Annette Ryan for making this project possible.  Gaining confidence in public speaking through Toastmasters has been invaluable in helping me brave such new territory!

I hope you can find time to come along.  See for a full programme of events and details.  This year’s festival is for readers as well as writers.  Since all Toastmasters are writers as well as speakers, I hope you will find some topics that interest you.  Many of the activities (such as the Science Poetry Mix-Up I’m doing) are free events.