Anne McKinnon, one of Mt Sheridan’s founding members has this week bid the Club farewell as she plans to shift to Brisbane. In true Mt Sheridan style she has been seen off with a memorable gourmet dinner at Olivers in Spence St which was well attended by a combination of Mt Sheridan as well as Mareeba and Innisfail members. True Mt Sheridan style means they have taken to heart Anne’s observation that to Aussie’s …. anything worth taking seriously is worth poking fun at and taking the P.I.S.S out of someone is really like a sign they have truly been accepted.

The occasion was used to present Anne with her wanky DTM badge. You can see by the photo, Anne was heavily comtemplating whether she could digest the fact the badge was for LBD rather than Mt Sheridan but she was truly delighted by the ‘stoned effigy’ of herself that was used to play a game of Chinese Whispers.

She was also presented with an outstanding members badge and under threat of no dessert everyone was pressured into contributing their view as to why she deserved it. Lots of lovely glowing words were spoken that may well have been regretted the morning after. Extra Brownie points to Bronwen for jolting people out of their smultziness and coming clean about not always seeing eye to eye.

Mt Sheridan followed the farewell up with a memorably funny and packed meeting last night where motions were put to the meeting that images of Anne be hung in the Club room reminiscent of the Queen for all Club members to adulate.

Further Club members should be encouraged, instead of practicing ‘om’ to balance their mind body and soul should practice ‘Anne’ instead.

Anne’s gaffe in announcing the general evaluation too soon in the programme was met with a quip by Leisel that it was a ‘premature evaluation’. The whole room exploded in laughter. Kaj outdid himself in the grammarian’s role by picking mercilessly at minor grammatical transgressions with his wicked wit. And Anton has shown himself to be the rising star of comedy with the most novel and entertaining timer’s report the Club has heard. Fantastic meet! You are an unforgettable Club Mt Sheridan!!