On Monday 6th December, eight members of the Mt Sheridan Toastmasters Club travelled to Innisfail for a Great Debate.  The Mt Sheridan Debate Team were speaking in the negative to “Shopping Is The Best Therapy”.  Our three speakers were Brenton, Cheryl and Leisel.  Innisfail’s team, speaking in the positive, were Sheridan, Leanne and Peter.  Nicky was truly eloquent and witty as she introduced each speaker.  Kaj took the role of adjudicator.   Rhondda, Micheline and Celia made up the support audience.

Leisel, Cheryl & Brenton

The audience swayed with the impressive and logical arguments provided by both sides.  Sheridan spoke first for the positive team and set up their interpretations and definitions for the phrase “Shopping is the best therapy”.  Brenton responded as the first speaker in the negative, adding some detailed touches to the definition.  Then Leanne seemed to have the debate wrapped up with her totally convincing arguments, presented with such honesty and thoughtfulness.  But Cheryl had guile and conspiracy up her sleeve, projecting an argument of science fiction proportions.  Undaunted, Peter closed for the Innisfail team by setting an ultimatum which had been raised by Leanne.  If shopping is NOT the best therapy, what is?  Peter challenged the Mt Sheridan team to come up with an alternative or lose.  Leisel’s closing speech was sensational, with coffee, chocolate and then hot steamy sex included in her rebuttal.

This was an exciting, hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable debate.  The speakers may have been very nervous (but they concealed it so well), the audience was taken on a fascinating and entertaining journey.  Thank you Innisfail Toastmasters Club for being great hosts , for providing a challenging team of accomplished speakers and for agreeing to “do it again next year at Mt Sheridan”.

The Mount Sheridan team were declared the winners of the debate.  Congratulations to our star performers, Brenton Walker, Cheryl McLeod and Leisel Pisani.

Word Smithing by Celia Berrell