Mt Sheridan’s Poetic Toastmaster Celia Berrell went to Sydney earlier this month and gave a Television interview for the Arts & Entertainment programme Joy’s World, broadcast by Sydney’s local television channel TVS.

Many thanks to Agent Pauline Douglas, formerly President of Kickstart Toastmasters, who has recently moved to Sydney.  Pauline did all those things an Agent needs to do.  She set up the appointment, took Celia to the television set, and held her hand (metaphorically) through the whole experience.  She even took some sneak-photos of the occasion. 

Patiently Waiting

After the main interview, the Production Manager was keen to film Celia reciting some additional poems for the TV channel.  As the set operators had already left, Agent Pauline stepped in to operate the mixing desk and camera monitors.  Pauline, you are hereby awarded ten housepoints for your versatility and dynamic expertise in the world of media!

Celia will be talking about her experiences in the limelight at Mt Sheridan’s Club Meeting on Thursday 16th June in a speech titled Guess Who’s Coming To My Interview?