The Annual I Love Cairns Speakers Competition will be held on Saturday 20th August at the Pier Atrium in Cairns. This contest is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member of any speaking club to compete. It only costs $10 to register at the Splash Offices on the Mezzanine Level at the Pier and the winners walk away with a great prize – $500 for the Open Section (adults) and $250 for School Students.

If you don’t want to compete, we would love you to support this entertaining event by coming to the Pier Atrium for 10am on Saturday 20th August.

Two Mt Sheridan Toastmasters Club members have already registered for this year’s competition. Celia Berrell won the Open Contest in 2009 and 2010. Rod Sheather won the People’s Choice Award in 2009, but was unable to compete in 2010. They are both back for the 2011 Contest. Will Celia manage to win three contests in a row? Will Rod usurp the I Love Cairns Queen? Or will you?

Celia Berrell's 2009 speech "The Best Of Both Worlds"

You can view last year’s winners at

Rod Sheather 2009 "It's Not The Long Legged Girls"