TEN Mount Sheridan Toastmasters Club members attended the Area 9 & 32 Leadership Training today, convened by Area 32 Governor, Christine Reghenzani of Top Table Toastmasters Malanda.  This has to be a record for our Club!

And three out of the four training segments were conducted by our Club Members.

Nicky Jurd (incoming Northern Division Governor) presented “Mentoring in Practice”, Michael McGarry (incoming Area 32 Governor) mashed-up and re-vamped the “Distinguished Club Program” and Kaj Haffenden (VPE) commanded our full attention in a frivolous but very “Productive Business Session”.

Also present and participating were Cheryl McLeod (incoming President), Brenton Walker (incoming VPE), Kayannie Denigan (incoming VPPR), Rhondda Walters (incoming Treasurer), Xenek Stoehr (incoming SAA), Kathleen Denigan and Celia Berrell.

TLI Mosaic

The day was very well organised with great opportunities to share information and catch up with key members from our neighbouring Clubs.

A really recommended experience for any of our Club members – maybe next time?