Table topics is perhaps the most frightening and challenging aspect of any Toastmasters meeting. It tests one’s ability to think on their feet, to spontaneously create ideas for themselves and do all this whilst adhering to the speaking standards imposed by Toastmasters. A structured delivery is still required with an introduction, body and conclusion with a smooth transition amongst them.


Toastmasters meetings invariably run a table topics session every meeting, and whilst guests and occupied members are excused from participating; most members will usually have to stand and speak on their given topic during any table topics session. Hence, it is vital one is as prepared as they can be; likewise, a table topics session can only run smoothly and efficiently if the Table Topics Master is fully prepared. With these two aspects in mind, please find herein a series of articles devoted to Toastmasters Table Topics, and in it, hope to provide a wealth of information on every possible permutation of a table topics session. The aim is to make available these resources to assist both potential table topics respondents and masters alike.

Topics in this section: