Answering table topics can be awfully nervewracking, however it doesn’t need to be difficult. The key is practice; so the first thing to do is quit escaping every table topics question that comes your way and start leaping to the floor, bowling your audience over with enthusiasm! It is the best method of improvement.

That said, there are several things you can do to enhance your practicing. Preparation seems silly for an impromptu undertaking such as table topics, yet can be quite effective. We have devoted a section to the different things you can do to help prepare for table topics at your next Toastmasters meeting.

Each table topic response is a real, proper Toastmasters speech and thus should be structured as such. Every speech comprises an introduction (opening), body and conclusion; and without these even a table topics answer will seem lacklustre. It will give the impression you were lost for ideas, and were just jumping from one thought to the next without thought for coherence. This section gives pointers on how to effectively structure a speech in a moment’s notice. 

Possibly the most horrible bouncer you can be thrown in table topics is a question you know nothing about. Perhaps it relates to something in the morning paper, maybe it centres about a topic you possess no experience with… but regardless of the question, you must answer it! This section deals with methods you can employ to save yourself from a stumper. 

Topics in this section:

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