VPE Checklist

Confused about the role of VPE? Here’s a handy checklist — but be mindful that your club may have different elements done by different people.

Download VPE Checklist

VPE Resource Kit

When I was the VPE of our Toastmasters club I put together a Standard Operating Procedure resource kit to make my job easier as well as providing succession to the next victim Vice President Education.

This resource kit encompasses the following tools:

  1. Forward Planner spreadsheet with meeting programme template
  2. Templates for meeting programmes, forward planners and timekeeper reports
  3. Distinguished Club Programme tracking spreadsheet
  4. Competent Leader tracking spreadsheet
  5. Speech manual tracking spreadsheet
  6. Member tracking spreadsheet
  7. Procedure documents on how to use the forward planner tool
  8. Sample emails and blog posts for distributing programmes, forward planners and minutes

You will find the documents have references specific to our club which you should replace prior to using this resource kit.

In order to get the most out of these tools, you will need Microsoft Office 2007 or higher, and a rudimentary understanding of Microsoft Excel.

You can download the zip file by clicking the link below:

Toastmasters VPE Procedure

If you found this useful or have any suggestions that may help others, feel free to make a comment below.