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CAIRNS SPEAKERS was founded in 2005 by Tablelands Toastmaster Lillian Edwards as Mount Sheridan Toastmasters Club, meeting in Forest Gardens.  By 2019 we had moved to the inner suburb of Woree, and since other Area 32 Tablelands Clubs had closed, were re-assigned to Area 9, joining Cairns, Marlin Coast, Kickstart & Reef City Toastmasters Clubs.

In celebration, and to eliminate confusion about our location, on 15th August 2019, members unanimously voted to change our name to CAIRNS SPEAKERS.

We have a core of experienced Toastmasters who regularly give presentations in a professional or semi-professional capacity.  Our club strengths include giving speakers valuable and considerate feedback within a safe, friendly environment.  We are all keen to help each other succeed in our speaking and leadership goals and welcome visitors at every meeting.

Mt Sheridan Toastmasters owes its origins to the indeflatable enthusiasm and motivation of Atherton resident and avid Toastmaster, Lillian Edwards. Lillian advertised to run a Speechcraft course in May 2005 in the southern area of Cairns. Encouraged by an overwhelming response she rallied the participants to form their own Toastmasters Club. On 4 November of that year, Mt Sheridan became chartered as a Toastmasters Club. See photos.

charter-dinner Charter Dinner 

Mike Harvey, Lillian Edwards, Jennifer Cupitt, Anne McKinnon and Rhondda Walters were the first executive committee. Under Lillian’s guidance and her unwavering belief in our brilliance, Mt Sheridan members blossomed. Members entered in whatever contests were available and gained valuable experience. Members quickly worked through their speech programmes, gaining awards and confidence. Speechcraft courses were run regularly by Lillian along with Anne McKinnon, attracting new members. 

For the first two years, the Club was awarded President’s Distinguished Club status for its achievements. In July 2007, the Club invited all Toastmasters in the region to join with them to celebrate its successes and also to congratulate its founder Lillian on her achievement of attaining her DTM.

Unfortunately, Lillian suffered an illness and later took on additional family responsibilities that prevented her continued involvement in the Club. Her vibrancy has been sadly missed and ne’er forgotten.

Mt Sheridan was the youngest Club in the region and continues to see its ‘youth’ as its strength. Our history is in the making and we believe with collegial support, our ability and potential is boundless. The only limitations we have are those we choose to accept.

In 2008, two of our members Anne McKinnon and Jennifer Cupitt represented Area 32 at the Division Conference competition in Townsville with Anne winning the humorous speech competition and becoming our Club’s first member to take 1st place in a Division competition.

2009 will see our Club have 3 members represent our Area at the Division Conference to be held in February. Celia Berrell, Kaj Haffendon and Nicky Jurd will compete in the International, Table Topics and Evaluations respectively.

Every Club has its unique flavour, its particular melding of personalities and mix of energy and it is an ever changing medium given the flux of members. We welcome your participation and contribution. Please visit us.