In a nutshell, the Table Topic Master is the member responsible for preparing and coordinating the portion of the meeting designed to allow every member and guests of the club to speak freely for a minute or two.

One week prior to the meeting

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Table Topic Master role
  2. Confirm the meeting theme with the Toastmaster
  3. Prepare the Table Topic Session, some ideas could be:
    1. Explore family and holiday time traditions
    2. Share a recipe
    3. Describe your best imaginary friend

Upon arrival at the meeting

  1. Arrive at least 5 minutes before the meeting starts
  2. Find the Toastmaster and let them know you’ve arrived
  3. Sit near the stage so you can access it quickly when needed

During the meeting

  1. When introduced, briefly explain the purpose of the Table Topic Session
  2. Announce the topics and the mechanics of the session
  3. Encourage speakers to use the Word of the Day in their responses
  4. Ask for participants and, if no one volunteers, select a member to participate
    1. Try to avoid selecting members that already have a role for that meeting

Table Topic Master Dos and Don’ts

Do Don’t
Prepare the Table Topic Session in advance Don’t arrive without a planned session
Select a topic that is easy and engaging for the members to relate Don’t select difficult or uncomfortable topics that would prevent members to participate
Provide short comments between participants to allow more people to speak Don’t overuse the stage, this part of the session is for other members to participate, not you


Sample Script for the meeting

Table topics session:
Toastmaster introduces the Table Topic Master
— Thank you, Toastmaster, for the introduction.
— Fellow Toastmasters and distinguished guests, good evening!
— One of the most exciting portions of the Toastmasters meetings is the Table Topics Session. The main objective is to challenge members to develop their impromptu communications skills, to effectively “think on their feet” – by answering unrehearsed questions.
— We also want to give every member the opportunity to speak at each meeting. We do this with the Table Topics Session.
— Table Topics is specifically designed to develop four essential communications skills:
1. Listening
2. Thinking
3. Organising
4. Speaking
— Today, as your Table Topics Master, I will be asking questions related to our [Meeting Theme].
— Try to respond within the timing of 1 – 2 minutes. You will see a Green signal after 1 minute (your minimum time), a Yellow signal at 1:30, and a Red signal at two (2) minutes.
— I also encourage you to use the Word of the Day: [Word of the Day]
— So let’s get started.
Proceed with the Table Topic session

Finish the Table Topic session
— Thanks to everyone who participated; now I’ll return control to the Toastmaster
Return control to the Toastmaster